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Rescue (2019)
Rescue (2019) Sub Indo
Bluray2020   103 Dilihat
Genre :
Negara : China
Actors :

A religious country, constitutional monarchy. The highest political leader is the prime minister and the religious leader is the king of law. Military power and diplomatic rights are in the hands of the Prime Minister, but the spiritual leader most loved by the people is the King of Law. For forty years or more, the King has become the common existence of totems in the hearts of the people. Once the government implements measures that are not conducive to the people, the King will exert pressure on the government on behalf of the people. Although he does not have real power, he will grasp the people’s hearts. Even the highest commander of the army is the King of law, strong supporters. From the perspective of the Prime Minister, he loves and hates the King of Law. For the sake of national economic development, his actual actions will always be obstructed by the King.


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