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Unparalleled Mulan (2020)
Unparalleled Mulan (2020) Sub Indo
HD2020   163 Dilihat
Genre : Action, History, War
Negara : China
Actors : Jason Fu, Julin Liu, Kaining Yu, Yongxi Liu

During the Northern Wei Dynasty, Mulan joined the army for his father and returned with honor. Ten years later, Rouran broke the border again, and Mulan resolutely returned to the battlefield. To save Tuoba, Mulan fell into the enemy. In prison, Mulan saw through Kunpeng’s tricks. Kunpeng killed Khan and blamed Mulan. Mulan battled Kunpeng to protect innocent people. The princess pointed out that the real murderer was Kunpeng. Kunpeng was killed in the melee. The chaos subsided. This film celebrates peace and national harmony, and shows that Mulan, as a woman, does not abandon her compatriots, does not abandon her country, and constantly strives for the outstanding quality and family feelings.


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